Trade Show Promotional Lanyard

Standard Custom Lanyards – Promotional Lanyards

A Trade Show Promotional Lanyard imprinted with your message or corporate logo is a great way to have your presence known at a company, associations or trade show events. A proven money maker which can increase your bottom line at the end of the year.

These Standard Custom Lanyards come in break-away ID badge lanyards or standard flat lanyards, with many different choices of attachments to suit your needs. These can be silk screened in a 1 or 2 color print or by a dye sublimation process with full color printing.

Are you an owner of a company? Do you work in a company as an executive or are you responsible for many employees? Maybe you are in the PR or HR departments. It doesn’t matter! Trade Shows are always a good place to promote your business and company and put your company on the map, that’s why you should investigate using Promotional Lanyards.

People should never miss the chance to promote their business with the development of a Trade Show Promotional Lanyard and to do so would be a shame if you lagged behind. Your company deserves the same opportunity to create their own Standard Custom Lanyard or better, as their competitor has.

There are many ways to promote your company. Business cards, billboards and advertisements to name just a few. However, Promotional Lanyards will give you the right kind of exposure. They are affordable, come in all sizes and colors and the best part is that the design of the lanyard is up to you.

Place your company’s logo or your company’s motto on a Trade Show Promotional Lanyard and see how it attracts all the attention. Next thing you know, people are asking questions about your company, about its field of work and ambitions. Don’t wait to put your business on the map. Who knows, maybe simple Standard Custom Lanyards and badge holders are just what your business needs.

These Promotional Lanyards come with a whole plethora of attachment choices in order to suit your needs. Choose between silk screened lanyards with one or two color prints, or maybe you want to go with the dye sub and full-color print. A promotional show lanyard is the best way to represent and promote your business. See our new “Design a Lanyard” program below.

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We have the perfect program which allows you to “custom build” your lanyard on screen, by selecting the things you would like on your Lanyards. This not only allows you to select exactly what you want, but the time of production, the type of material, the lanyard width, and end attachments. Even upload your graphics and see them appear not only on the front, but the back of the Lanyard as well. In short, you’ll see exactly what your finished lanyard will look like.

Begin by going to our program “Design a Lanyard Estimator

And you are under no obligation to order a thing unless you want to and then you can select “approve design” and “submit” and an email comes directly to us here at Compucard. We can then begin the process of creating an order and getting it into production. This is the neatest program ever, so give it a try!!


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