First Choose if you want Silkscreened or Dye Sublimation Lanyards. Then click on Click on the Blue Box to get started. Don’t worry about making a mistake, you can always start over again.

Begin by doing the following steps that will show after your selection above is made:

1 Basics – Decide when you need these and how many is needed. Fill out the imprint options, then choose a lanyard color.

2 Lanyard Options – Select the type of material and the width of the lanyard you want.

3 Additional Options – Choose either a breakaway or non breakaway lanyard. Then choose the end fitting attachment you want.

4 Customization – Choose the text style and or a logo. Chose a text color and a font. Also the font size and spacing (this you can play around with and see it change on screen as you move it). If you have a logo, attach the file of your logo to upload it and see it on your layout. Also decide if you want one or both sides of the lanyard imprinted.


As you make selections you will notice that the pricing in the upper right corner will reflect everything you select. At any time during the process, you can change the number needed and it will reflect what you have chosen but will give you the pricing for the new number.

You can’t hurt this program so go ahead and play with it all you want.


When you have finished making the lanyard the way you want it, at the upper right hand corner you can click on “Review/Approve Design“. You will then see the finished front and back of your lanyard including all printing, end attachment, in the width and colors you have selected. If at this point you want to change something, click on “return to design” (in the upper right hand corner) and make the change, then click of submit again to view the design.

Then if you’re satisfied with everything and would like to order, click on Submit, which is in the (“Your Custom Lanyard Proof”) of the previous step showing the front and back of your lanyard design.

Submit: Here you will fill out your name, phone number, email, shipping address and billing address. Then submit it and it comes directly to us by email. We can then contact you regarding the payment information or your can contact us by phone after you have submitted.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are under no obligation to purchase anything at this point. You may decide not to order and just leave at any time. This tool was designed to make it easy for those wanting information to get it easily and accurately as this can be a very confusing process. But this tool takes all that away and allows you to see the finished product before ordering.

And if you want to reorder later, you can just call or email us and we’ll take care of it immediately.