Employee Swivel Reel – Employee Swivel Card Reel

Need a Card Reel? Employee Retractable Swivel Reels with Alligator Swivel Clips to keep Cards hanging straight. When Retractable Alligator Swivel Cards Reels are needed, see us.

Companies have a number of tools that they can use as part of their marketing and branding efforts. The top promotional tools, however, do more than simply relay information. They also serve a very functional purpose which ensures that these are nearly constantly in use and readily available for public viewing. This is especially the case when businesses use swivel card reels for the display of name badges and for other, ongoing identification purposes.

Given the basic construct of these products, you have a number of options in the way in which you wish to use them. For instance, your employees can carry cards that not only serve as identification but also advertise your products or services. For instance, contact info can be surrounded by eye-catching graphics. This will make it easier for brand recognition to occur.

Plastic round solid color Employee Swivel Reel with Clear Vinyl Strap.Reel Diameter is 1 1/4″. Cord Length: 34″ (864mm). Order in 100 pc. quantities.

Quantity 100 – 299 300 – 499 500 – 999 1000 – 1499 1500 +
Price $.82 $.66 $.59 $.53 $.52
2120-7601, Black Add to Cart 2120-7602, Blue Add to Cart
2120-7606, Red Add to Cart 2120-7608, White Add to Cart
2120-7620, Grey Add to Cart

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Epoxy domes can also be added to these designs. In fact, the customization process for these goods will allow you to create a unique and effective look for your badges that is best-suited to your operations and your marketing intentions. Your displays can be as basic or as ornate as you need them to be. See: Epoxy Domes
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