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Strip and Cable Tags – Aluminum Strip Tag

Strip Cable Tags are highly flexible and are used in a broad range of environments. Strip and Cable Tags are able to withstand temperatures and humidity that border on the extremes. They are also chemically resilient. All of these features combined means that a Strip Cable Tag is able to retain their original integrity even after having sustained a considerable amount of wear and tear.

Applications for Strip and Cable Tags include identification for wiring, cables, harnesses, shafts, hydraulic hoses and lines, fire hoses, flexible pipes, tubing, tools, and valves for machinery, equipment maintenance logging, repair, testing, research, work-in-progress and overall general tagging needs.

Working with the right supplier will simplify the ordering process. It will be easy to obtain the right Strip Cable Tag in the appropriate size and in material that’s well-suited for your application.

Strip and Cable Tags provide solutions both for identifying products and for tracking work-in-progress. An Aluminum Strip Tag is chemical resistant, surviving extreme conditions for extended periods of time.

The ordering process is often the most common cause of frustration when trying to attain these supplies, but once you have the right supplier, everything becomes a breeze. Obtaining the right Aluminum Strip Tag appropriate for the application will be easy, especially given the number of sizes and materials these tags come in.

Even when you are not exactly sure of the correct specifications for the purpose of the Strip Cable Tag you have in mind, leave it to their trustworthy and knowledgeable suppliers to assist and provide their experience and opinion.

An Aluminum Strip Tag like ours are just the right accessory to have around when you need to identify products and track multiple works that are in progress at the same time.


Strip Cable Tags are made right here in the USA. These tags come in a variety of finishes and sizes manufactured to ISO 9002 standards.


“All metal tag sales are final, metal tags can not be returned, make sure the tag you order is the correct size and material.”


“If a tag has not been made in your specified configuration, holes and or material there’s a $100.00 set up charge.”


Strip Cable Aluminum Tags, Stainless Steel and Brass

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