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Specialty Round Neck Lanyard – Specialty Earth Friendly Lanyard


People are coming up with more uses for custom breakaway or non-breakaway Specialty Lanyards all of the time, and there are a large variety of attachments to choose from.

The safety breakaway Specialty Round Neck Lanyard can still be gotten in either round or flat styles. The flat can be custom imprinted with a corporate logo and/or any message you’d like to convey.

Specialty Lanyards are a great way to carry or show that certain message or object, or just for an ordinary id card out in the open and out of your way.

More and more companies and institutions are making use of vehicles that they can deliver to their employees or clients as a space for advertising or communication of their brand including their values and messages. This could be in the form of a flat Specialty Earth Friendly Lanyard that won’t pollute the earth that is imprinted with their message.

On our website, you will find Specialty Lanyards for sale. These products are made in different models such as a Specialty Round Neck Lanyard, or flat lanyards either plain or printed that come with or without breakaway features.

Or Safety Lanyards because we know that each one can be of use for different occasions or different purposes. We have specially designed lanyards for sale on which you can have your company logo printed. You can also print an image or message for a particular event on our lanyards. Alternatively you can choose between different types of hooks for lanyards to hold cell phones or identification cards, and/or many other devices.

For this reason be sure to check us out for your Specialty Round Neck Lanyard or Specialty Earth Friendly Lanyard, or any specialty products on our site. If you are looking for a specific place to buy lanyards, this is where we can best advise you and satisfy your needs whatever they may be.

Here are the pages you can order online:

Round Neck Lanyards

Round Lanyards with Bulldog Clip

Round Breakaway Lanyard

Specialty Neck Lanyards

To price or order your custom imprinted lanyard, go to: Printed Neck Lanyards


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