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Attachment for Lanyard – End Attachment for Flat Lanyard

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Lanyards come in all sorts of varieties and colors, there are many Special Attachments for Lanyards available such as a bull dog clip, detachable key ring, nickel plated swivel hook, just to name a few.

Breakaway Lanyards

What does an Attachment for Lanyard look like that’s available? Here you can see about 10 that are offered, but there are many more selections for your End Attachment for Flat Lanyard that is available.

Don’t forget with flat lanyards you can have custom silkscreened printing done. And I’m about to show you something truly amazing in a new program we recently installed by which you can build your own custom printed flat lanyard and actually see it on line with the items you select yourself for it, as you go through the easy steps.

End result, you will be able to see a finished lanyard complete with the correct width, color of lanyard, the End Attachment for Flat Lanyard you select, the printed copy on front and back (if both sides are wanted). You can even chose a breakaway or non-breakaway lanyard. Plus, you get to select the time of production and with every selection, you’ll see the pricing change or stay the same is it’s included.

This amazing program is called: Design a Lanyard Estimator. Go ahead and click on this link and play with it. You are under no obligation to buy anything if you decide you don’t want to.

In these days, almost all industries like to customize their ID cards to suit their needs. This, in turn, has created a demand for lanyards which differ in the type of Special Attachments for Lanyards that they want.

Many companies prefer the use of different Special Attachment for Lanyards, other than the traditional offerings that many companies may carry.

These designer lanyards and badge holders sold by Compucard are particularly attractive as they are nylon-made, long-lasting products. In addition, all these lanyards are available in a wide variety of colors, making them suitable for large organizations that like to differentiate employees based on their position or nature of work or department. On these flat lanyards, you can even have a silk screen printing done, bearing the name of your company or organization. The reasonable price associated with these products will attract you towards the sale, compelling you to place a bulk order.

So, let us help you to find the just right lanyard for you by adding a special Attachment for Lanyard, which will make the perfect lanyard for your organization


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Go to our Neck Lanyards Page, select the color and attachment, then order the number you need on-line. It’s that simple.

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