Small Chrome Key Reels

Small Chrome Badge Reels – Round Chrome Reels

These Small Chrome Key Reels may be for you. These are used for various security and recreational reasons and are available in one-inch diameter round shapes. Retractable cords make it easily attachable to an assortment of accessories to it such as keys, badges, and miniature tools. The item is solidly built so you will be able to place heavier items onto the bull dog clip without fear of it falling off. Due to its slim and small size, it makes it effortless to swipe through different scanners. These high durability and pristine finished Small Chrome Badge Reels are the bestselling ones which are available.

These Small Chrome Badge Reels are the best choice for keys. Fumbling around for keys in your bag or accidentally misplacing them is the most common cause for running late to the office or arising fear of theft. This key reel will alleviate you off those concerns and provide you with the clear solution you deserve.

Using Small Chrome Key Reels does not only make life a whole lot easier to live when you can be sure of where your keys are any second of the day and have full access to them when they are needed but also, they can be used to hold on to small tools and trinkets. Usage of the Small Chrome Badge Reels is not only wiser but a safer choice all around due to the fact that it prevents the hazard of losing track of those items or unknowingly leaving them in odd places. It is also the perfect option for hospitals, schools, industries or offices where important items such as badges and keys must be secure at all times.

This is certainly a safer choice as it prevents against the possibility of these items becoming lost or getting into the wrong hands. It is a suitable option for schools, hospitals, and industries where both keys and badges are to be carried in a secure manner.


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2120-3400 – Chrome Tone Finish Clip-On Key / Badge Reel Reel Diameter: 1″ (25.4mm), Cord Length: 18″ (457mm), Hook: 1-1/2″ (38mm), 100 piece quantities.

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Customized reels can be designed in large orders for companies and organizations. While branding can be completed, it is not recommended that such procedure be performed on the reels surface itself. An 11/16″ epoxy dome can be created that will fit perfectly on the front, flat recessed Round Chrome Reels surface.

Note: For personalization of these Small Round Chrome Reels, it is suggested that an 11/16″ epoxy dome be used. (That is the size which will fit nicely in the front recessed area. This must be done with a digital dome only)

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