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Your suppliers for plastic badge clips, badge holders, neck lanyards, badge reels, blank plastic cards for Eltron and Fargo thermal printers and printed plastic cards.


Neck Lanyards

Your supplier for lanyards, security badge lanyards, corporate and school lanyards, 800-203-4255.

Round Lanyards

These round neck lanyards are popular for wearing and displaying ID’s. Available in 16 vivid colors. They can be worn without harming clothing.

Flat Lanyards

Colorful flat neck lanyards for wearing and displaying ID’s. Can be worn without harming clothing. Available in many styles and colors. Custom imprinting available.

Round Break Away Lanyards

The Round Breakaway lanyards have all the same standard features as the classic round lanyards

Breakaway Lanyards

Featuring breakaway lanyards with the safety of a unique breakaway plastic clip. The choice for work environments such as schools, hospitals, corporations, or manufacturing facilities.

Patriotic Lanyards

Patriotic Neck Lanyards are preprinted. Choose from breakaway or non breakaway. Your organization can show their patriotism by wearing these patriotic neck lanyards proudly.

Bamboo Lanyards

Lanyards made from earth friendly bamboo material.

P.E.T Recycled Lanyards

Lanyards made from 100% recycled material including the hook and breakaway attachment.

Specialty Lanyards

Round woven nylon lanyards with a combination of attachments of nickel plated steel swivel hooks, nickel plated steel bull dog clip or an open loop with any of those combinations together for what ever you can think up uses for.

Neck Lanyard

For the perfect neck lanyard for your organization or function, look at the selections we offer. Many lanyards come with advanced features with the materials and colors you are looking for.

ID Lanyard

Lanyards that are often used at trade shows, event meetings, government agencies, large commercial enterprises, conventions, hospitals, schools, concerts, fairs.


A lanyard neck strap is commonly used to display an id badge, security pass, id card where security is a concern, such as hospitals, schools, trade shows , public gatherings such as concerts, conventions.

Promotional Lanyards

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Lanyards for badges are a nice practical way to carry your id card, We carry a wide variety and many different styles to choose from.

Custom Safety Lanyards

Try our Custom Safety Lanyard or Break Away Safety Lanyards with a Detachable, Quick Release. Breakaway Lanyards provide added Safety to those wearing them.

Break Away Neck Lanyards with Metal Hook

Breakaway with Flat Plastic Hook Lanyard. Also comes with Metal Swivel Hook or Strap Clip Attachment.

Round Breakaway Lanyard

Round Break Away Lanyard Colors are Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Navy Blue, Orange and White.

Flat Breakaway Neck Lanyards

White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Breakaway Neck Lanyard

Lanyards Breakaway

Lanyards Breakaway – Nylon Flat Braid Breakaway for use with an ID for various badgeholders. These Lanyards come with Breakaway Plastic Fittings and are available with an assortment of end Connectors.

Custom Printed Lanyards

Create Custom Imprinted Breakaway Safety Lanyards by Silkscreen or Dye Sublimation that will add value by their message to all who see them.

Flat Employee ID Lanyard

Flat Employee ID Lanyard: Lanyards with Keyring Attachment, Bulldog Clip, Alligator Clip, Flat Blank Neck Lanyards with Detachable Clip, more, or Custom Build!

Black Lanyard

Black, and many other colors to choose from such as Green, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Teal, Navy Blue, Hunter Green Lanyard. Round, Flat, Break Away or Non-Breakaway with many attachments to choose from.

Specialty Lanyards

People are coming up with more uses for specialty custom non breakaway lanyards all of the time, there are a variety of attachments to choose from.

Special Attachment Lanyards

Lanyards come in all sorts of varieties and colors, there are many attachments available such as a bull dog clip, detachable key ring, nps swivel hook, just to name a few.

Round Lanyard Attachments

Round lanyards come in breakaway and non-breakaway lanyard, there are literally so many attachments to choose from such as a NPS swivel hook

Round Lanyards

Round blank neck lanyards are great cost effective way to keep you r id badge handy for your employees, the blank flat lanyards are great for custom printed

Specialty Earth Friendly Lanyards

Earth friendly lanyards have a wide no twist plastic hook, the round specialty lanyards come with 2 bulldog clips or two nps swivel hooks just to name a few

Badge Holders

Badge Holders

Badge holders in a variety of styles and colors. Card holders made from thicker, hi-quality heavy duty materials that are designed to last and stay looking great.

Clear Vinyl Badge Holders

Clear vinyl badge holders made of heavy, durable and long-lasting material. You’ll find hard to find sizes, especially larger badge holders that nobody carries.

Proximity Card Badge Holder

Proximity card badge holders designed to lock in cards.

Rigid Badge Holders

Rigid badge holders give great protection for ID Cards. Thumb notch for easy, frequent removal when ID’s are used for access control.

Magnetic Badge holders

Featuring executive magnetic badge holders with two magnets that help avoid damage to clothing. These magnetic badge holders are versatile, popular and professional in appearance.

Color Coded Badge Holders

Color badge holders for department, division or access categories that identifies departments, divisions or access categories. Come in nine colors of durable vinyl.

Convention Badge Holders

Convention badge holders for use at trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, business meetings, and seminars. A terrific answer for a low cost need to identify attendees.

Arm Band Badge Holders

Arm band badge holders maintain safe working environments that many active work situations require. Prominently display ID badges while maintaining a safe working environment.

Earth Friendly Badge Holders

Horizontal & Vertical Holders phthalates free earth friendly badge holder does not contain materials that will contaminate or pollute our environment.

Horizontal Badge Holders 2 Pocket

Need a 2 sided multi card rigid badge holder for your 13.56 MHz RFID technology cards including MIFARE & regular iClass, PIV, CAC, TWIC And FRAC Cards? We have the multi card holder that is ideal for you. What about a Mifare badge holder? We have one for you.

ID Card Holder

Featuring the new Cardprotectors™ rigid shielded RFID blocking 2-Card Holder that protects personal information for up to 2 credit or debit cards with an insert size of a credit card.

Clear Vinyl Badge Holder

Clear Vinyl Badge Holder made of heavy duty plastic in a variety of vertical sizes – Holders that accommodate many name badges, credentials, passes or ID cards.

Plastic Badge Holder

Plastic Badge Holder, Clear Plastic See Through Vinyl, Perfect for employee ID name card ID Badge Holders

Clear Vinyl Vertical ID Badge Holders

Slot chain holes horizontal top load flexible plastic name tag pouch can be ordered in extra – large or standard sizes can be used with either a lanyard or clip.

Clear Vinyl Plastic Name Badge Holders

Flexible soft plastic badge holders have a pin clip combination; they come in vertical or horizontal styles featuring heavy duty vinyl for data or credit cards.

Smart Card Holders

Smart cards are in growing use as employee security in large companies where simple face recognition is not enough. Smart cards have circuits contained within the plastic that allow for stored information needed to security reasons, easy access to information, financial access or even for health purposes.

Clear Hard Plastic ID Holder

Colored or Clear Hard Plastic ID Holder. Whatever the need, We have the right Rigid Single or Dual Sided Holder for your Card or ID Badge.


Frosted rigid identity card holders With Thumb Notch And Chain Holes. This card dispenser has an insert size of 2 1/8″ X 3 3/8″ on the side.

Hard Plastic Badge Holder

Clear Hard Plastic ID Holder. Choose a Colored PVC Card or an Acrylic Dual use Card for Mifare, TWIC, 13.56 MHz. Hard Plastic ID Holders, Large Color Section.

Vertical Hard Plastic ID Badge Holder

RigidWear 2 card holders with two thumb notches on each side of holder for easy removal of cards. Clear rigid plastic badge holders that hold 2 standard credit card size cards.

Identification Badge Holder

Badge Holders in Clear or Colored plastic vinyl. Credential protectors for security and Identification. Each ID Holder comes with a FREE BADGE CLIP.

Clear Plastic Vinyl Badge Holders

Clear Plastic Vinyl Badge Holders hold personal or company information that should not only be visible at all times, but protected against damages. having to replace these Credential Holders should they sustain some form of deterioration can be expensive and time consuming and may significantly impact on private and work related processes.

Smart Card Holder

The 1840-5081 Rigid Shielded 2-Card Holder is shown at the bottom, is designed for two cards. When you have the need to shield information on the card while it is in the holder, the protection offered by a shielded version is the answer to the problem. It effectively blocks signals so that your secure information is not available to those seeking unwarranted access.

Beaded Neck Chains , Elastic Neck Cords

Beaded Brass Neck Chains

Featuring beaded brass neck chains which give a decorative look when used with brass dog tags or other types of badge holders.

Plastic Beaded Neck Chains

These plastic beaded neck chains are both practical and attractive. Featuring seven vivid colors that can color code visually different divisions, departments, duties or titles.

Elastic Neck Cords

Elastic neck cords are lightweight and economical. Perfect for displaying ID’s and name badges at trade shows or other gatherings where cost matters.

Tubular Neck Cords

These breakaway tubular plastic neck cords are perfect for all cost effective uses such as displaying ID’s and name badge at trade shows.

Military Neck Chains

Featuring military neck chains or nickel plated steel dog tag chains in a variety of bead lengths. Most popular sizes are 30 or 36 inches.

Short Ball Chains

Whether you require a top quality Short Beaded Keychain, a trusted on-line supplier is the best source to turn to.