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A Safety Imprinted Lanyard certainly lets people know what your message is! You could take that one step further with Custom Printed Break Away Lanyards. Now your message can be taken where safety won’t be compromised. Imprinted Lanyards can be either dye sublimation printed or silk screen printed, which ever choice you desire.

A Safety Imprinted Lanyard is a sure way to either get your messages across to potential customers, (through brand promotion) or a means of securely holding identification cards. If company branding, visitor identification or employee identification is all you want in a lanyard, then a general lanyard can help in that regard. But if safety is important to your establishment, you certainly need Custom Printed Break Away Lanyards for that safety.

Let’s face it. Accidents do happen in the work environment, especially in areas where there is heavy machinery. This is where a good Safety Imprinted Lanyard can come in handy. With a quick release clasp that can easily be pulled open to prevent the risk of injuring the wearer.

Custom Printed Break Away Lanyards are a better option for factory workers, institutions, and organizations with a large workforce. If you work with kids, safety Imprinted Lanyards are a better option over regular lanyards. Extra precaution for safety would include lanyards that are reflective, pre-printed with visitor identification, and antimicrobial as well.

What you choose will depend on your safety needs and preferences. However, the most popular type is the safety lanyard with one breakaway clasp at the middle. The reason customers go for more than one safety clasp is on the eventuality that one of the clasps might fail.


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