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Employee ID Reels – Employer Card Reels

Plastic Reel Badges or ID Reels are very affordable and come in many colors

Why are Plastic Badge Reels so important? Have you ever considered getting your employees an Employer Card Reels? When you issue ID badges, some employees may have problems with them. For example, it is easy to set an ID card down and forget to take it with you to work. On the job, an Identification card can be lost or misplaced if a worker must scan it several times each day. That is why you should consider providing some type of Employee ID Reels.

When you opt for one of our Employer Card Reels, you have another important advantage. These products are great for promotions and marketing, and a top supplier will print your company logo or other information on the holders. Plastic Badge Reels can be one more tool in your efforts to brand your company as one of the best.

Our Plastic Reel Badges that retract offer increased security for your company. For instance, it is nearly impossible for identifications to be lost or misplaced. Stealing ID cards is almost impossible as they never leave the side of your people.

One of our most popular Employee ID Reels has a diameter of 1-1/4″ with a 3/4″ decorative aluminum insert.

It is a perfectly designed identification card holder reel giving number of advantages! It serves great deal on promotion and marketing! You could design your company logo, products, colors or any kind of branding to be printed on the identification card holder and the Employee ID Reels. Be smart and include your Employer Card Reels in promoting your brand and improve your company!

We offer high quality Plastic Badge Reels that plays important role in the security of your company! The chances of badges being misplaced or lost are almost impossible as they never leave the employee!

Our plastic reel badges and ID reels are very affordable and come in many colors! They come in the form of round plastic badges with a clip-on system along with a slide belt clip. They are all reinforced with vinyl straps. So, if you are looking for unique and great badge reels for sale, you are at the right spot!



Sold in quantities of 100’s

Add 1 to cart for 100 pieces, add 2 for 200 pieces etc.

2120-3101 Black Badge Reels and 6 other vivid colors including chrome.

Quantity 100 – 299 300 – 499 500 – 999 1000 – 1499 1500 +
Price $1.25 $1.15 $1.10 $1.05 $1.00


2120-3101 Black Add to Cart 2120-3102 Royal Blue Add to Cart
2120-3104 Green Add to Cart 2120-3100 Chrome Add to Cart
2120-3108 White Add to Cart 2120-3106 Red Add to Cart
2120-3120 Gray Add to Cart

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