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Plastic Photo Id cards – Plastic Membership Card Printing

Plastic Membership Cards consist of a magnetic strip or barcode that can be loaded with the information on the customer which allows you to keep track of their activities, especially purchases. Plastic Photo ID Cards make easy access to restricted areas with a simple card. Plastic Membership Card Printing is one of the fastest growing segments of the printed card industry, in which Compucard can provide all of your card needs.

Plastic Membership Cards make it easy for you to gain access to restricted areas. This also reduces the cost of overlooking such areas. Instead of employing workers to man restricted areas, you can simply install devices that read the barcodes or magnetic strips to authenticate the membership status of the person before letting them in.

Although there are different segments of Plastic Membership Card Printing, Plastic Photo ID Cards is one of the specialty areas that is fast growing in popularity in the industry of printed cards. Whatever form of card you desire, you can trust Compucard to provide you with the desired result.

The lifespan of Plastic Membership Cards can be extended when you use them with designer lanyards and badge holders. These card holders will prevent the card from bending, twisting, or from moisture damage.

Compucard has a wide range of services designed to meet your personal needs including Plastic Membership Card Printing and Plastic Photo Id Cards. For a full list of printing options, pricing, or to place an order for your plastic membership card, visit our Thermal Print Service Bureau Page (see link below).

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