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A Custom Printed Plastic Card order of either a Short Run single or color photo ID card can be made and shipped same day on small orders through our Plastic Card Service Bureau. Most others in 24 to 48 hours.

For companies not wanting to make a capital investment in equipment, here is a great alternative. Let us process your Gold Membership Cards, VIP Cards, Plastic Business Cards, Loyalty Cards, Access Cards, or Proximity Cards. We can encode Magnetic Stripes or Bar Code your cards by our Short Run Plastic Card Printing Service.

As an added incentive, we can have a larger batch of cards pre-printed for you to hold in-house, so you can add information such as names, membership numbers, dates, and a host of other information you would like to add for employees, members, or others from time to time. Therefore lowering the cost per card overall.

Magnetic stripe encoding and bar coding can be done at the same time with no extra cost (as long as the bar-code is on the same side as the thermal printed copy), except for the magnetic strip itself which is priced in the below chart. Whether a small number of pre-printed cards or many hundreds or thousands, this is a great way to keep printing costs down.

To ensure mistake free work for imprinted cards, you simply send us comma separated value (CSV) files with information needed to produce your cards over the Internet. Production time on 1 or 2 Color cards are normally same day or 24 hours on short run orders received before 2 p.m. (Excel files can produce CSV files).

Are you seeking an expert Plastic Card Service Bureau company that prints durable and colorful plastic ID cards? Our company produces color photo IDs for customers who are in urgent need of these. The finished Custom Printed Plastic Card can be shipped same day even to buyers who place orders for small quantities. If the volume of order is larger or other customized orders are placed, these can normally be shipped within 24 hours and 48 hours maximum from the time of placing the order.

Through our Short Run Plastic Card Printing you can place an order for any of the following types of Identification cards to enhance your business: encoded magnetic stripes, bar codes, or any type of numbering (consecutive or from your list).  Also available are membership cards, loyalty cards or VIP cards.

Your card layout for a Custom Printed Plastic Card will be held in our files and you can re-order the same design whenever you need more cards done.

The price range for printing a thermal plastic card, whether for those with magnetic stripes or not, are listed below.

A first-time order requires an $20 setup charge, while a re-order for a thermal plastic card order we have on file has only a $5 setup charge.

The greater the quantity of cards that are ordered by a customer to hold in-house, the lesser the amount the customer will pay per card overall.

For customers requiring a large amount of cards yearly, we will accept a BPO (blanket purchase order).

Thermal Printed Plastic Cards

Number of Cards1 Color on 1 sideEach Additional color/side
1-24 Cards$1.25 per Card$0.70 per Card
25-49 Cards$0.95 per Card$0.60 per Card
50-99 Cards$0.75 per Card$0.50 per Card
100-249 Cards$0.60 per Card$0.40 per Card
250-499 Cards$0.45 per Card$0.35 per Card
500-999 Cards$0.35 per Card$0.25 per Card
1000-2499 Cards$0.25 per Card$0.20 per Card
2500-4999 Cards$0.20 per Card$0.15 per Card
5000-9999 Cards$0.18 per Card$0.13 per Card
10000+ Cards$0.16 per Card$0.11 per Card

Magnetic Strip and Encoding Cost to Add to Thermal Printed Plastic Cards Above if Needed

Number of Cards2750 Mag Strip Cards Encoded300 Mag Strip Cards Encoded
1-24 Cards$0.70 per Card$0.60 per Card
25-49 Cards$0.60 per Card$0.50 per Card
50-99 Cards$0.50 per Card$0.40 per Card
100-249 Cards$0.40 per Card$0.30 per Card
250-499 Cards$0.35 per Card$0.27 per Card
500-999 Cards$0.25 per Card$0.22 per Card
1000-2499 Cards$0.20 per Card$0.16 per Card
2500-4999 Cards$0.18 per Card$0.14 per Card
5000-9999 Cards$0.16 per Card$012 per Card
10,000+ Cards$0.14 per Card$0.10 per Card

If non encoded mag stripes are wanted on cards: Add .0735 cents each for 2750 Hi-Co Mag Stripes / Add .04 cents each for 300 Lo-Co.

Slot Punch: Add 5 cents per card for slots.

FREE – Bar coding or numbering: Can be done at the same time of printing at no additional charge if on same side/color.

The Card Background Color For Above Pricing Is normally white: Other Card Colors are Light Blue, Hospital Blue, Navy Blue, Medium Green, Pink, Red, Cranberry, Orange, Gray, Yellow, Black, Maroon, Gold, Silver and Copper.

Gold, Silver or copper are premium card backgrounds, add .03 cents per card.

Not all of these colors are available with magnetic stripes. Call for information and pricing.

Thermal imprint colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, White, Gold or Silver.


Serving the Industry with:

  • Short Run Gold Membership Card
  • Photo ID Cards
  • Magnetic Encoding Cards
  • Short Run Plastic Business Card
  • Plastic Gift Cards
  • Printed Plastic Cards

Photo ID Cards

Quantity Per Card Extra Costs
1-5 $15.00 Each Initial setup charge – $30.00 per side (One Time Charge)
6-10 $14.00 Each Re-order setup charge – $5.00 (each additional order submit after initial order)
11-20 $12.00 Each Setup & run barcode on same side as photo I.D. card – N/C
21-30 $10.00 Each Set up and run barcode on back side – call for quote
31-50 $ 9.00 Each Encode tracks 1, 2, or 3 while printing a Photo I. D. Card – .30 each
51-100 $ 7.00 Each Hi Coercivity Magnetic Stripe (non encoded) – add .20 cents per Card
101-150 $ 6.00 Each  
151-200 $ 5.25 Each NOTE: 2nd side full color imprint doubles pricing shown
201 Plus $ 4.75 Each NOTE: Go to pricing on above chart entitled Thermal Printed Plastic Cards for a 1 or 2 color back

Plastic Card Embossing

Quantity Cost Per Card Add for Color Topping
1 – 24 Cards Minimum Charge is $20.75 No Charge
25 – 49 Cards $0.83 per Card No Charge
50 – 99 Cards $0.67 per Card No Charge
100 – 199 Cards $0.58 per Card No Charge
200 – 499 Cards $0.51 per Card No Charge
500 – 999 Cards $0.36 per Card No Charge
1000 – 1999 Cards $0.30 per Card No Charge
2000 – 2999 Cards $0.28 per Card No Charge

Embossing tipping colors available are: Black, Gold or Silver.

Embossing Information / Setup Costs

Raised embossed lettering such as names, titles, or numbers can be added to pre-printed or blank plastic cards.

Embossing Initial Setup Charge – No Charge / Set up charge for re-orders – No Charge.

Embossing Cost is Per Card From Above Chart.


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