Octagon Metal Tag

Metal Tag for Product Identification – Octagon Metal Tags for Product ID

These Octagon Metal Tags for Product ID are well-known for their high level of usefulness and are reliable in a wide spectrum of environments. This Metal Tag for Product Identification can withstand temperatures and humidity that borders on the extreme. These metal tags are also chemically resilient. These combined features mean the Octagon Metal Tag can retain its original integrity and value, despite having been through high waters and a formidable amount of wear and tear.

These metal tags are perfect for a broad range of applications. These applications include, but are not limited to, harnesses, identification tags, cables, wiring, hydraulic hoses and lines, tubing, tools, shafts, flexible pipes, valves of equipment for maintenance logging, machinery, research, repair, work-in-progress, testing and overall general use of tagging.

The ordering process is often the most common cause of frustration when trying to obtain these supplies, but once you’ve got the right supplier, everything becomes much easier.

Metal tags like these are just the right type to identify products and track multiple works that are currently in progress. These tags are made of sturdy and robust metal that has a high resistance to chemicals and are very much capable of withstanding harsh conditions over a long period of time.

Octagon Metal tags are used in product identification in a variety of industrial uses. These Octagon Metal Tags for Product ID are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanized Steel, Tinplated and Anodized Aluminum. Many sizes available with thickness ranging from .015 to .032, and are available with or without Holes. These tags have been flattened and made especially for automatic feed metal embossers.

A Metal Tag for Product Identification is suitable for stamping or engraving. These Octagon Metal Tags for Product ID are perfect for permanent identification of machinery, parts, pipes, valves, cases and more. You may stamp or engrave numbers or descriptions into the tags (or we can do it for you through our service bureau.


All metal tag sales are final and can not be returned so make sure the tag you order is the correct size, thickness and material

“If a tag has not been made in your specified configuration, holes and or material there’s a $100.00 set up charge.”

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