Neck Lanyards

ID Lanyards come in Round, Flat, Breakaway, Custom Printed, Promotional, Neck Lanyards. For security and safety. Colors are Blue, Red, Green, Black, White, Yellow, Teal, Orange and more.

Upgrade your security while making it easier for employees and staff to be identified. Flat Employee ID lanyards are very popular. Especially if you would like to have them imprinted with a name, function, or a special event you are considering.

Most companies recognize the value of their security, so they issue badges or identification cards to their people. However, when someone loses a card, it must be replaced and that could take time. Besides the added expense, you also must decide to admit someone into the building without proper identification and this can sometimes be risky. Wearing a Breakaway Lanyard with a plastic attachment is an ideal choice as they hold a badge holder securely, showing their identification in plain view 100% of the time.

When workers have these badge lanyards, they are almost impossible to lose. This can save a company a great deal of time and money by not having to issue replacements. In addition, it can lessen the stress on workers, as that is one less thing they have to be concerned about when they are getting ready for their work day. Just slip the neck lanyard over the neck and go, it’s as easy as that.

Perhaps you are throwing a large corporate get-together like a dinner or awards ceremony. There might be hundreds of guests and without some kind of identification strategy, it could be chaotic. This can a great idea for event favors too. That can make is easier for guests to talk to each other and come away with a keepsake. You can order your break away straps online and save a great deal of money. The ordering process is very simple and easy.

There are a lot reasons to consider custom printed flat ID lanyards for your business, school or organization. As they come very smooth and flat, This makes them an excellent choice for printing messages that have fine lines or intricate drawings.

With a Break Away Lanyard, You can enjoy increased security, increased safety, plus much more productive promotions. It is also a cost effective way to enhance communications between employees.

Ordering in bulk makes it possible to save money. For example, you can order a few as one hundred straps. However, the more you order, the less you pay for each Lanyard. Normal shipping is available but if you need a rush order that is also not a problem, and you can have your order tomorrow in most cases.

Here’s a sample of our various Neck Lanyards

  • Breakaway Lanyards
  • Breakaway Lanyards with a plastic Attachment
  • Flat Employee ID Lanyards
  • ID Lanyard
  • Blue Break Away Lanyards
  • Orange Round Breakaway Lanyards
  • Flat Lanyards with Keyrings
  • Round Lanyards
  • Red Break Away Lanyards
  • White Breakaway Neck Lanyard
  • Flat Employee ID Badge Lanyard
  • Round Blank Neck Lanyards

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