Neck Lanyards

Custom Printed Lanyard – Promotional Lanyards

There are many different varieties of Neck Lanyards available in today’s market. Not only for identification purposes, but can be a great giveaway at trade shows, organizational functions or conventions, while promoting your company or organization.

Design a beautiful Custom Imprinted Lanyard by using our Silkscreen or Dye Sublimation process, that’s great for trade shows, company or community events. This is a great inexpensive way to promote your brand as you make a positive impression on loyal customers, spectators and prospective clients.

Many were designed with many special features such as a Custom Printed Lanyard or Promotional Lanyards. Upgrading your security while making it easier for employees and staff to be identified. Flat Employee ID lanyards are very popular, especially if you would like to have them imprinted with a name, function, or a special event you’re considering.

Companies and organizations recognize the value of their security, so they issue badges or identification cards to their people. However, when someone loses a card, it must be replaced and that could take time. Besides the added expense, you must decide when to admit someone into the building without proper identification and this can sometimes be risky. Wearing a Custom Printed Lanyard is an ideal choice, as they hold a badge holder securely, showing their identification in plain view 100% of the time.

Perhaps you are throwing a large corporate get-together like a dinner or an awards ceremony. There might be hundreds of guests and without some kind of identification strategy, it could be chaotic. This can a great idea for event favors too. That can make is easier for guests to talk to each other and come away with a keepsake. Order your Promotional Lanyards online and save a great deal of money. The ordering process is very simple and easy.

Upgrade your security fashionably by using our personalized lanyards and badge holders. Personalize our Neck Lanyards by using special designs, colors and style relating to your company profile.

Having these Promotional Lanyards also can be useful for special events that require lanyards for the guests. That could increase security within the organization as well as being stylish and keeping the company identity at the same time.

With our Custom Printed Lanyard, you can appreciate the expanded security while promoting your company’s brand to the public.

See our new program below the following 8 images for printing on Printed Neck Lanyards.

For Flat Lanyard Printing try our new program. Click on: Design a Lanyard Estimator

This new program allows you to “build” your lanyard and see it on your monitor screen. See each change (and pricing of that change if any), right on your computer as you follow the easy steps. There are many different Attachments other than those shown above, as you’ll be shown the entire possibilities. Choose the width of the lanyard, the color, the copy (front and/or back), and even see the production time, which you can select. When you’re finished, you can view the front and even the back, (if you opt for 2 sided printing) of the lanyard. You’ll be absolutely amazed at what this program can do!

Here’s are some samples of our various Lanyards

  • Breakaway Lanyards
  • Breakaway Lanyards with a plastic Attachment
  • Flat Employee ID Lanyards
  • ID Lanyard
  • Blue Break Away Lanyards
  • Orange Round Breakaway Lanyards
  • Flat Lanyards with Keyrings
  • Round Lanyards
  • Red Break Away Lanyards
  • White Breakaway Neck Lanyard
  • Flat Employee ID Badge Lanyard
  • Round Blank Neck Lanyard


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