Military Dog Tags

Metal Dog Tags – Military Shaped Metal Tags

Military Dog Tags are widely put into use in various industrial corporations. These metal tags are also used in the military for tagging and identification of different products. similar to other products listed on the website. You can even order customized printing on your metal tags where the printing can be all the same or each tag can have different embossing information applied.

The Military Shaped Metal Tags are produced from dull finish stainless steel. They are formed with rounded edges to prevent users from cuts. Other similar products in stock with us include brass finish or bright stainless steel dog tags.

The materials used in making these Metal Dog Tags include stainless steel, mill finish aluminium, tinplated or brass in different thicknesses, and galvanized.

The flat shaped Military Dog Tags are flattened to enable effortless printing by embossing machines. Like any identification badge, the Metal Dog Tags can be personalized. This includes various printing styles to suit the needs of any customer.

Specifications of Dog Tags: The dog tags are .015mm thick and made of stainless steel. And when made from brass it usually has a thickness of .016mm. The thickness of oval shaped metal tags can vary between .015mm and .032mm. The Military Shaped Metal Tags can be ordered either with holes or without.

Types of Military Shaped Metal Tags: You can place an order for our standard Metal Dog Tags or oval shaped ones, which are delivered in batches of 1,000. You can order additional quantities in multiples of 1,000. In addition, there are other varieties you can select from before placing your order. These include army dog tags, customized dog tags, blank dog tags, personalized dog tags, and embossed dog tags.


Both Military and Oval Metal Tags come in lots of 1,000

Metal Tags – All Sizes and Shapes


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