Military Dog Tags

Metal Military Dog Tag – Metal Medical ID Tag

We can custom emboss these Dog Tags with your information.

These Dog Tags are also used in the identification of various products and pieces of machinery.

We specialize in stainless steel and brass tags that last a lifetime without corrosion.

These Military Dog Tags generally come in two different styles; round-edged (#20), and one that is flat with sharp edges (#21). The round-edged variant is recommended for those who want to wear them around their necks with a chain. It is not advised to use the sharp-edged tags for personal use but rather in the identification of products and items. You can buy a Metal Military Dog Tag that is already shaped and embossed. There are many different options to choose from.

When ordering a Metal Military Dog Tag for custom designs, you should be sure about your preferred size, shape, and engravings. Once the branding is done, it cannot be changed. It is for this reason that military tags cannot be returned once sold.

Custom embossed text on a Metal Medical ID Tag are the classic style army tag with five lines of text stamped into a rolled-edge stainless steel tag. These are one of our most popular Military Dog Tag styles and is used as wedding favors, camp/school medals, and of course identification.

A #20 Metal Military Dog Tag (rolled edge), this is also very popular for promotional use, military use and product marking.

Available in stainless steel (bright and dull), brass and copper, this Metal Medical ID Tag is Manufactured to military specifications. The size is 1.125” x 2”

  • Available in stainless steel (bright and dull), brass and copper
  • Manufactured to military specifications
  • Is only available in some anodized colors (call for which ones)


“All Metal Medical ID Tag sales are final, metal tags can not be returned, so make sure the tag you order is the correct size and material.”

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