Litho Printed Cards Art Specifications


As a service to our clients we offer state of the art hardware and software to aid in your graphic design needs. Our pre-press department will help you, ensuring a quality finished product. The following are our art department requirements and answers to frequently asked questions that will assist us in bringing you the best possible looking product as fast as possible. Please adhere to these specifications to ensure proper processing and eliminating unnecessary delays. Deviation from these following instructions may delay your order and/or incur additional expenses.

General Requirements:

  • Art should be complete, color separated and sized to fit the area to be printed.
  • Poor quality art (faxes, photocopies, etc.), in need of additional retouch time will incur additional charges to convert to proper quality.
  • If your artwork includes bleeds, (additional charges will be incurred). please allow 1/8″ over on all sides, using crop marks for copy placement.
  • Items without bleed, allow 1/8″ margin between the edge of card and art/text.
  • Please refrain from using a border (with bleed), that is to print around the outside of the card, as it presents difficulties relative to the die cutting tolerances.
  • Please keep all type 6 pt. or larger (with the exception of micro text within logos).
  • When reversing text out of a background color, please utilize a bold text and keep it to 7 pt. or greater.
  • Allow .005 trap.
  • Screens should be 175 LPI (lines per inch).
  • If your art includes screens, please provide the art in electronic format with the screened area set to desired % and ready for print.
  • If your art includes graduated screens (an additional charge will be incurred). Please provide the art in electronic format with the graduated screened area set to desired beginning and end % and ready for print.
  • Please include in the title of your files, that are recorded to disk or in the subject field of e-mailed files, at least one of the following: company name, specific individual card identifier (ex.”FastTrak Card”) or P.O. number.
  • All 4 color process accounts will require a hardcopy color proof that we will output and send out to your attention for approval. Please provide address, contact and associated department (if applicable) that you would like us to send the proof to. If you would like us to send utilizing your account, please include your account number, preferred courier (Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.), and method (Standard Overnight, Overnight Priority).
  • Once the proof meets your color, layout and spelling expectations and is approved, please fax, mail or e-mail back a signed copy and we will be happy to proceed with the balance of your order.

The following normally will not be charged extra for:

  • Installing fonts included with artwork.
  • Final image output / proof composite (1st proofing and 1 additional proof included).
  • Quality control/Preflight to meet printing requirements.
  • Additional time associated with jobs containing incomplete or missing elements.
  • Creating proofs if not provided with aforementioned components (electronic files, hardcopy, etc.)
  • Proofs required after second proofing would incur additional charges.
  • Re-proofing with a new 4 color process file after initial file has been processed and proof sent out to the customer. If this is required, a second hard copy color proof will be necessary to reflect alterations.

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