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Loyalty Card Printing – Custom Plastic Key Tags

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Bar code key tags to reward your customers will improve your business. Key Tags Encoded to work with your POS equipment. Available with barcode or Quick Response code to track your members or provide secure access into your daycare, gym, fitness center or private club.

Key Tag Printing is more than a novel way of propagating your brand. It is also a unique and effective way of promoting your business, retaining valuable customer data, and building customer loyalty.

There are unlimited business purposes for Custom Plastic Key Tags such as for loyalty and membership cards, promotional products for a trade show or event, labeling or pricing merchandise, also to keep track of attendance at meetings.

Capture the power of custom barcode key tags by offering discounts, loyalty rewards or other promotional programs.

These 3 up Custom Plastic Key Tags and Key Fobs, are very popular with Churches, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Spas, Salons, exclusive clubs as well as other membership rewards and loyalty programs. Available with barcodes for easy attendance and discounts tracking. 3 up attached plastic key tags are a common choice among churches.

Ideal for a family to help speed up check-ins, by scanning the key tag bar codes, and to encourage membership.

Having more members equal more money bottom line. If you own a retail shop, fitness center, yoga studio, spa, salon, grocery store, gas station, church, restaurant or any other membership driven business, key tags are a must!

Our Loyalty Card Printing will help you offer discounts at local businesses for students, church members, and sports team fans; and as a loyalty rewards program at restaurants and retail stores.

Custom Printed Key Tags conveniently attach to any key ring. Expand brand awareness and inspire repeat customers by inserting your message in their daily routine. Full-color key tags can be formatted for a variety of uses including: identification, access, customer rewards & loyalty, plus membership cards.

Key tags give your brand mobility. Our Plastic Key Tag can be manufactured individually or can be purchased as an extension of other plastic card products such as Loyalty and Membership Cards.

Track Attendance – Key tags can work with an IPAD, computer or mobile device to track attendance at sorority or fraternity events, PTO or PTA meetings and other important corporate events.

Printed plastic key tags can be carried on a key chain, in a wallet or purse, for easy access.

Printed plastic key tags, are a convenient alternative to larger plastic cards. Your membership club and loyal customers get to enjoy all your special offers and discounts using an easy to carry plastic key fob printed with a barcode, while providing your business the same security, sales tracking and Point Of Sale compatibility.

Discounts & Rewards will give your loyal customers VIP treatment by allowing them to earn points or rewards by using their key tag with every purchase or visit to receive special offers, coupons or discounts.

Grocery Store Rewards Cards given to loyal customers to a variety of discounts with their purchase and to display the company’s brand in a unique and convenient manner.

Library Card Combo Cards and Fitness Promotional Key Tags are several more uses of Plastic Key Tags.

Daycare Check In Key Tags are a simple and effective way to account for all of the kids at his child care center.

Bar code Key Tags can encode your key tags to work with your existing Point Of Sale system or membership tracking system.

Numbered Key Tags can be used for many unique business purposes. We can make your key tags functional for your business needs by adding consecutive numbering, personalized names, quick response codes, numbers or pins.

Print in full color on both sides. Key tags have a limited amount of space, so you want to take advantage of the whole card.

Add your company information to your key tags to help make it easy for your customers to find their way back to you.



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