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Plastic Identification Cards serve as a vital tool which reflects your professionalism in a striking way. A plastic card can be used for advertising and also promoting business services, organizations or representing individuals.

We believe in providing you with the finest quality cards and at the same time with a very competitive price. Card printing services for all types of cards, medical identification, insurance I.D’s., all types of badges, promotional cards, hotel key cards, access cards and much more. With custom printed cards, customers can create professional cards that are unique to their business.

Plastic cards are not just about identification alone, they portray your professionalism in no ordinary way. Plastic Identification Cards give a first impression of your organization or business. A plastic card, among other functions, is used for advertising business services, organizations or to identify a person. We believe and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cards that are affordable without compromising quality standards. Get a feel of what to expect from our range of quality products that can be made from high quality materials with a beautiful finish.

We can supply any type of cards. Our card printing services comprise of all types of Identity Cards including medical identification, promotional cards, insurance ID, hotel key cards and access key cards, to name just a few.

But we take this one Big Step beyond as we also have an in-house Card Service Bureau which enables us to be able to personalize each card you need. And If you currently send out cards to someone for updating names, titles, dates, and a host of other things, we can help you save a lot of money by printing a one year’s supply of cards and hold them in house for the time you time them to be updated.

And this can be done in either a single or full color printing on either side of your cards in a in stock host of colors. And of course, if you need is a 4 color process printed card, we can do that for you and hold those in house. You can’t believe how much money you can save by using our Card Service Bureau.

Custom printed Identity Cards offer customers the flexibility to make professional business cards that are unique to what they do. You can give your business a lift by allowing us to produce the design of your choice that perfectly fits your business outlook.

Your identification card may become a burden should you be walking around at work. If you’ve ordered an identification badge, you’ll surely need an identity card holder to safely hold your card while at work. Employee ID badge holders are handy tools. You do not want to overlook having these nifty little gadgets shipped with your ID cards. Get the necessary accessories to help make your work life a simple one with our collection of lanyards and card holders in various colors and designs which can be fully customized to suit all your needs.

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Here is some of what we can do for you:

  • Identification Cards
  • Identity Cards
  • Lithography
  • Medical-Id Cards
  • Membership Access Control Cards

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