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Printed Flat ID Lanyard – Lanyards For Printing

For Work, Schools, Conventions, Associations, or great for Promotional Giveaways

Our Lanyards For Printing are available with various Attachments that connect to any Badge Holder. If you don’t see what you want, be sure to ask us as we can custom design almost anything for you.

Round or flat Lanyards For Printing come in 12 vivid colors: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Red, White, Forest Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Teal, and Maroon.

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Printed Flat Lanyards, when worn by neatly dressed professionals, adds an importance or value to their look. Whether you are a professional or a student, you are expected to show your customized identification badge in almost all places irrespective of the type of occasion. Seminars, official meetings, professional events, inter-college events, onsite visits, and more. Most industries require employees and visitors to make use of well-displayed ID cards.

At Compucard Inc, you will find the lanyard which best suits your need. We have a wide range of lanyards available to our customers. You can choose either a round lanyard or a flat one. In addition, you can also select the color of your lanyard from the 12 vivid colors available that is shown above.

Next, you can choose either a plain Non Printed Lanyard or a Printed Flat ID Lanyard. Although plain ones seem to be enough, a Printed Flat ID Lanyard bearing the name of your company, college or organization is sure to grab attention.

And a Printed Lanyard can create a lot of good well when given out during an associational meeting, trade shows or events. That can make this a very good business investment which will give you a very good return if done right. also allows you to further customize your lanyards to include a badge holder to match it. There is even an option which allows you to pick the type of attachment for the lanyard.

Orders for lanyards can be placed online at any time.

Here are some of the uses of Lanyards:

  • Flat Lanyards for Employees
  • Flat Neck Lanyards for Schools
  • Flat ID Badge Lanyard
  • Flat ID Card Lanyard
  • Flat ID Card Holder Lanyard
  • Flat ID Badge Lanyards

Begin by Going to Lanyards and selecting the type of Lanyard you want.

For Plain Flat Lanyards, go to: Unprinted Flat Neck Lanyards | For Imprinted Lanyards go here: Printed Neck Lanyards


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