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Smart Card Plastic Card Holder – Smart Card Holder

Shielding Prevents Identity Theft – Made in the USA

Living in a digital world, as time progress, we as citizens are embracing the world of digitization. It is a step toward progress, but it also brings along some side impacts on this growth. The invasion of privacy is the fear of most people these days as everything about us is all summarized in our pockets or in the form of identity cards. From money to our biometrics, our favorite dining places and every tiny bit of details of information about us is carried along in our cards.

Compucard features an ID Card Holder shielded RFID blocking 2 Card ID Card Holder that protects personal information for 2 credit or debit cards with an insert size of 2-18” x 3-3/8” (credit card size). Protect your cards with a Smart Card Plastic Card Holder today.

Smart cards like CIAC, TWIC, RFID, Cac, Piv, and Mifare are very vulnerable to laser card readers, radar scanners etc. They are rather invisible to our naked eyes; hence we do need a great identity Smart Card Holder for this sensitive information to be protected.

Protection for these cards have gained popularity. Many government agencies now require the TWIC and CAIC cards be carried in a Smart Card Plastic Card Holder that has a security feature keeping information on the card from being phished or scanned.

This PVC open face Card Holder prevents identity theft, as it uses RFID rigid shielding. This PVC ID Smart Card Plastic Card Holder can protect information on 2 credit/debit/smart cards at one time. These cards cannot be scanned without being removed from these PVC shielded card holders by the user.

While there are many Identification card holders available in the market, this one is one of its kind. This Rigid ID Card Holder works on a 3.56 MHz RFID technology cards. It is compatible with almost all CIAC, TWIC, Iclass, Piv, Frac and Mifare cards.

This Blocking Smart Card Holder offers a preventative measure by not allowing cards to be read unless they are removed for the holder.


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