Gripper 30

Won’t Damage Your ID Cards

Have you experienced how you always need to punch a hole or a slot in your identity card holder just so it can hold your card? If you are tired doing that and would like a better solution for your cards holder problem, then check out the incredible Gripper 30! This is your alternative to slot punching! It Securely holds a card without the need for a slot hole, as is made from a molded plastic outer piece with silicon inner core that holds 1-30 mil card. There is no need for a plastic name badge holder, and no need to punch a hole in your card or ID.

The best thing about the Gripper 30 is its card-friendly orientation, which means that your card is safe as no damage will be done. It will stay secure without any scratch, since no metal parts can be found within the unit, just pure molded plastic. This rigid material has proven many times to be the best choice when it comes to such holders.

They come in black and white versions. The Gripper 30 is especially designed to be your ideal identity card holder! Store your cards safely and don’t worry for anything bad that might happen to them! So, what are you waiting for, order today?

The Black or White Gripper friction fit badge holder is a low cost, stand-alone device that can be added to nearly any existing attachment-including badge reels, lanyards and strap clips. No slot holes required! The silicon core prevents damage to smart cards, proximity cards and RF circuitry. These friction fit badge holders hold cards with up to 5 pounds of vertical force and greater than 5 pounds of horizontal force. They are constructed with durable plastics with no moving parts.


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