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One of our most popular cards are full color business cards. Our high quality, full color cards can be single or double sided. Our highly trained staff can handle your most creative and challenging marketing needs.

Today’s highly competitive business environment requires distinctly unique marketing materials enabling you to stand apart from your competitors, and at the same time piquing the interest of current and potential customers.

We’ll discover the right solution for your plastic card printing project from a wide selection of products and options, then create a look that’s as unique as your business.

It is essential to come up with an attractive output when producing Digital Full Color Plastic Card Printing on a plastic card or Identification badge. It simply has to be right, crisp and bright to be unique. Top-quality cards on the market are not blurred or covered in untidy multiple colors. The materials of choice is carefully selected and should have the ability to withstand cracking or peeling. The colors should never fade away with use. They should last as long as the card lasts. Its durability should not be called into question either. It should maintain its brightness and appearance throughout the lifespan of its use, especial for Membership Plastic Cards or Fundraiser Plastic Cards.

Additional features can be included on Digital Full Color Plastic Card Printing for your cards. For instance, the card issuer may want embedded circuits or magnetic strips to capture vital personal information about the cardholder. This is a security feature that helps in many ways. In some circumstances, cards are personalized by printing the card holder’s name on it. It is important that information about the card issuer is included on the card as well, in most cases on the back side of the card.

Card safety is of utmost importance. To keep it safely with you always, you can always ensure that you have the necessary accessories. A retractable badge holder is a vital tool you need to keep your card always within reach. An ID neck lanyard ensures you have your card around your neck as you walk.

It’s very important to always allow Compucard to provide your Digital Full Color Plastic Card Printing of your cards in bulk, especially when providing Membership Plastic Cards or Fundraiser Plastic Cards for future personalization. Then magnetic stripe encoding or barcoding can be done as the need arises. We can store these in house for you at no additional cost (which can save you a lot of money over time). Then we normally ship smaller orders the same day as received, if the order is placed in the morning.

Additional features can be added to these Membership Plastic Cards or Fundraiser Plastic Cards. For example, the issuer might want a magnetic strip or embedded circuits in order to provide or capture information about the user. This can be a helpful security feature. Sometimes cards are personalized with the name of the cardholder. It is expected that information about the issuer, such as a name, URL, phone number or other contact data will be shown on the card.


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