Fast Thermal Printed Plastic Business Cards

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Want Business Cards your prospective customers are sure to keep?

Fast Thermal Printed Plastic Business Cards have many advantages of their own as they last longer, and are a lot more resilient than your normal run of the mill cardboard cards. And they won’t quickly be thrown away, making great advertising pieces.

A plastic business card cannot be ruined by water. Those who have been given plastic business cards can keep them in their wallets for years to come! Meaning when they are ready to purchase again that will remember you and your agency. And that way your agency has a good return on their investment.

We can create full color cards using Digital or Litho printing in quantities and then combined with thermal printing for individual personalizing, will give you a tremendous savings. If you don’t have a layout for a full color print job, we can help you with that as well. If the agency you work for has numerous Employees, they might like this idea as they can have a full color front of the cards for advertising and we can print the salesman’s name or other information on the back side of the card with our In-house Thermal Printed Card Printing section. This is a great advertising potential for the agency.

If you put names, member numbers, dates or bar coding, on your cards, we can pre-print a beautiful full color card imprint on the front, then add specific names, and other information by thermal printing on the back when you need them done. And we can store your cards in-house until they are ready to be used. So for an agency, they can print any number of cards for each salesmen when they need more cards.

For larger users. You can order a six month or even a yearly supply of cards for us to print. And the really good news is: we accept blanket purchase orders.

If you don’t want full color Thermal Printed Plastic cards, we can print in Black, Red, Royal Blue, White, Gold or Silver on a variety of plastic color cards such as Light Blue, Hospital Blue, Navy Blue, Medium Green, Pink, Red, Cranberry, Orange, Gray, Yellow, Black, Maroon, Gold, Silver and Copper.

Any plastic card can be thermal printed to achieve a maximum degree of customization and that’s exactly what our Thermal Printed Card Printing can do for you.

We are happy to take on all of your business. No job is too big, no job is too small. We provide high quality products which are used along with the latest in technology for all your Thermal Printed Card Printing needs. It’s like an identification badge which resists everything and lasts virtually forever.

What does all of this mean for you? It means that we can have your Fast Thermal Printed Plastic Business Cards printed right here in our office in no time. In some cases, we do same day shipping, so call early. Any color or design is not only possible, but it is also completed fast. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job, let Compucard be your Fast Thermal Printed Plastic Business Cards provider.


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