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When you are surfing the internet looking for where to buy lanyards for your company or team, you also have to bear in mind how you are going to brand them. Branding is everything these days. It speaks volumes about your business. If your brand is weak then your business will be weak as well.

One of the best ways to utilize branding is by use of labels and when it comes to labels, an Epoxy Label certainly take the cake. Full Color Digital Epoxy Domes are the epitome of branding when it comes to small important items such as a key chain, opener, flash disk, an identity card holder or a Retractable Badge Reel.

When it comes to lanyards and badge holders, Full Color Digital Epoxy Domes does more than just label. They are great at protecting them from damage or wear. The labels are usually made of a soft domed coating which forms a significant layer over your retractable ID card holder. This means that no item can get to the reel without going through the label first. With the kind of plastic that the Epoxy Label is made of, it is quite hard for anything to scratch or pierce it under normal circumstances.

So, if you are ready to take the next step to spicing up your labeling techniques, get in touch with us and we will make it happen. We’ll offer a wide number of options depending on what you want to label. You can even opt for a digital full-color Epoxy Label which utilize the latest technology.

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Note: For imprinting, direct printing on a black surface is not recommended. It is suggested that you use 1-1/4″ Epoxy Resin Domes. See at: Epoxy Domes

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