Epoxy Domes for Retractable Reels

Epoxy Domed Sticker – Epoxy Domes

Epoxy Domes

A lot of big corporations and companies are using the epoxy domes for retractable reels for their products or brand names, You can take your label with your company logo and have it turned into a epoxy domed sticker, this can be done with full color digital printing for a full color logo at a low cost to you to help save that budget, you don’t have to be a huge company or corporation, these are a very lost to meet your budget.

Epoxy domes

There is a growing demand to use Epoxy Domes for Retractable Reels to accompany an ID card, in comparison to lanyards. The reason might be attributed to the fact that when badge reels hold the ID cards, they can easily be extended up to the point of necessity and then just let-go to resume their home position.

In these reels, there is a dome-like structure covering the spring and the thread system.

These Epoxy Domes for Retractable Reels are almost transparent in their default state but can be made to bear the logo of your company or your product’s name on them. The quality of print offered is of very high standards. This means that fine details can be embedded on the badge reels making them visually appealing. 

In addition, you can even have the logo converted to the form of the Epoxy Domed Sticker by resorting to full color digital printing technology. These 3-D labels give an elegant look to the badges worn and will thus give a boost to your company’s image.


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Note: For imprinting, direct printing on a black surface is not recommended. It is suggested that you use a 1-1/4″ Epoxy Dome Sticker. See at: Epoxy Domes

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