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Quick identification is a great idea for any modern organization, business or individual corporate branding. Inexpensive lanyards and badge holders make Epoxy Dome Printing accessible to both big and small businesses.

Any organization, brand or business has the opportunity of choosing from a wide variety of these Epoxy Dome Labels. This is in terms of color, theme, style, and pricing. For instance, an organization might prefer using colors that blend with their corporate colors.

By buying online, these products save a considerable amount of time and money. Likewise, employees do not have to worry about lost badges once put on the holders. Everyone also has an easy time preparing for work, as one only needs to hang the lanyard around their neck and walk out. They can hang it somewhere near the door once they come back from work, both for convenience and to avoid forgetting to carry it to work next day.

One of the biggest benefits of using the lanyards bought online is the enhanced security they bring. Security personnel can easily identify anyone entering or leaving the building. Similarly, the identity card holders make it easy to recognize everyone at work, which enhances communication and cooperation. Addressing a stranger in an office with their name and title gives them a feeling of belonging, which ensures hard working employees.


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Note: For imprinting, direct printing on a black surface is not recommended. It is suggested that you use 1-1/4″ Epoxy Dome Labels instead.

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