Digital Printed Cards Art Specifications


Artwork Specifications

When providing electronic art files, please consider the following:

Our preferred application is CorelDraw.

Both PC and MAC files are accepted.



Artwork done with drawing programs like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator (using vector outlines), are preferred and maintain the best resolution for output.

Quark Express files = include font files and linked images.

Freehand files = save as EPS with text converted to paths.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files are not acceptable and may require additional charges.


File Formats

We prefer all fonts be converted to curves or outlines.

Send files saved in original file format along with an EPS file with fonts changed to curves and as a PDF file with correct resolution settings.

Jpg, Tiff, PSD (Photoshop) files are also accepted – see resolution requirements below:

Photoshop files: if has a black background, fill it with: c30 m30, y30 and k100. This will produce a richer looking black).

  • Create black text files as 600 dpi grayscale.
  • Send original photoshop files with layers and also a flattened file.
  • Files created using RGB values will be converted to CMYK printing.

Please call out colors in PMS numbers wherever applicable.

We accept ZIP and STUFFIT compressions.

Files can be sent by email, ftp or disk.

Files created using RGB values will be converted to CMYK printing.



If the files are bitmaps, layout the images to actual size and make CMYK color files at least 300 dpi, grayscale at 600 dpi, and line art at 1200 dpi for good quality. (TIFF, PSD or PCX images preferred).



When providing art with colors that bleed, we need 1/8” extra image to work with.

When providing art with full coverage color, we need 1/16” extra image around each side of the card, i.e. actual credit card size = 3.375 x 2.125”, but with a bleed we need image size = 3.5 x 2.25”.


Camera Ready Art

Include composite and color separation printouts if sending camera ready.

If submitting printed art, please print the images as large as possible in black and white. Use an 8.5 x 11” sheet at as high a resolution as possible. Print color separations in black (each color 100% black) and white and enlarged. Also print composites in black and white to scale.


Embedded Hologram

100% black and white art is required for embedded holograms.

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