Custom Thermal Printed Cards

Thermal Printed Cards, Thermal Printed Plastic Card

Compucard provides Hi-Quality Custom Thermal Printed Cards. Thermal printing is an alternative method of printing to dye sublimation in the printing of Lanyards. We have top of the line thermal printers which are capable of delivering the highest quality of Thermal Printed Cards. Our machines use a thermal print head to transfer color by way of a ribbon to the surface of the Thermal Printed Plastic Card.

There’s a marked difference between dye sublimation and thermal printing. Through the process of dye sublimation, color from the ribbon is vaporized before imprinting on the Lanyard surface. While thermal printing involves heating up the color ink before imprinting on blank plastic surfaces.

If for any reason you need a hi-quality Thermal Printed Plastic Card, you can rely on our expertise to deliver quality. We use some of the most technologically advanced thermal printing machines in the industry, so rest assured our products are durable and of the highest quality.

The high quality of Custom Thermal Printed Cards makes them suitable for printing single colored text and barcodes that can be read by both standard and infrared light scanners.

What is the Thermal Printing process mainly used for?

Bar Codes: Bar codes are usually thermally printed because they can be read with infrared scanners.

Logos: Company logos are best imprinted on cards through the thermal printing technique.

Text: For durability, single colored texts are best imprinted with thermal printers.

Numbers: Just like barcodes, opt for thermal printing when it comes to numbers.

PIN numbers: For security and durability the pin numbers can be encoded on the back of your Thermal Printed Plastic Card.

Compucard Inc. can supply all your custom thermal printing needs on time. You can always be guaranteed that you will receive only the best quality product. We also supply ID card holders, personalized lanyards, and custom retractable badge reels.

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