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Flat Safety Lanyard – Custom Safety Lanyard

Running a company where employees need to be identified by wearing a badge, but still need to work with heavy machinery, can be quite risky for their safety and for the reputation of your company. But do not worry about this anymore, for our Custom Safety Lanyards are the perfect solution for this kind of situation and many others that pose a risk to your employees. Our products will help you avoid putting your workers and company at risk.

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Round Breakaway Custom Safety Lanyards or Flat Breakaway Custom Safety Lanyards are the best solution for companies that have a high risk of accidents caused by misusing the lanyard and badge holder. If for any reason the lanyard gets stuck on something and pulls your worker towards a potential neck injury, this will be prevented when you use our custom Flat Safety Lanyard which in an instant will break away to avoid an an expensive accident.

Where can you buy lanyards? This is quite easy and convenient. Check our wide variety of items you can order online using our website and browse the different options of lanyards that we offer. You can choose which one represents your company in the best way. Select from the type of badge holder or the type of lanyard that you need. Decide which color best goes with your company logo and the type of badge clip and badge reel that you desire. We make everything extremely easy and convenient for both you and your company. We want to work with you in offering our best products for your ultimate best solution.


First Go to the Round or Flat Breakaway Lanyard Page, select the Type you need and go to that page. Select the style and color of the Flat Safety Lanyard. Then order the number you want. It’s that simple.


To see offering and pricing, go to: Flat Safety Lanyard or Flat Breakaway Lanyards

Or Design your own Custom Safety Lanyard by going here: Printed Custom Safety Lanyard


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