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Looking for a nationally known company for your Custom Printed Silk Screen Cards, business cards, gift shop cards or loyalty cards? Especially one that has a highly efficient ID Card Service Bureau in house! Then Compucard’s Id Card Service bureau is the place for you to go.

Custom Printed Silk Screen Cards are good for short runs where you don’t need large quantities. Custom Silkscreened Cards can be bar coded or a magnetic strip can be added and encoded in our ID Card Service Bureau.

We have a variety of Custom Printed Silk Screen Cards for business and gift shop purposes in stock. If you are on a budget, short-run silk screened printed cards are perfect. Compucard Inc is the right place to get Custom Silkscreened Cards. Our designers and graphic artists are available to bring your ideas to life.

Silk screening also known as screen printing is one of the oldest methods of printmaking and dates back to the Song Dynasty era of China. It involves creating a stencil of an image on a regular porous material such as silk. Next is to use a roller to pull the ink over the stencil. This has the desired effect of forcing the ink through the silk and onto the media material (in this case a card).

Unlike other forms of printing where the inks remain irregularly fixed, screen printing inks sit right on the surface of the media material. The effect of this is a rich and vibrantly colored finished product. For regular screen printing on shirts, the most common type of inks used are the textile inks and plastisol textile inks while screen printing on cards and other flat media would require poster inks.

Here are the general steps involved in Silk Screen Cards:

  • We create the customized image first.
  • Next, we coat the screen with a very good emulsion.
  • Then we expose the image on the screen.
  • Finally, we clean the screen and print.

It’s that easy, but if you still require the help of Compucard’s professionals to get a customized job done you can contact us at any time. Compucard is the best place to find custom printed lanyards, specialty lanyards, and identity card holders since 1999.


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