Custom Plastic Gift Cards

Customer Loyalty Cards, Custom Thermal Printed Cards

Having Custom Plastic Gift Cards is a great way to market and even remain relevant in today’s competitive industrial market. This is especially good for companies, firms, medium and even small entities.

You can have Custom Plastic Gift Cards tailor-made with your credentials. For instance, you can get one that bears your business name and your logo or your message.

Customer Loyalty Cards are customized to bear your desired credentials which make them serve as a small billboard that is carried around in a wallet or purse. They can also be placed nicely in an identity card holder.

When done correctly, Customer Loyalty Cards can enhance your marketing endeavors and help build your brand.

Custom Plastic Gift Cards are also an excellent idea if you are willing to involve your customers in different membership programs such as the loyalty membership. When involved in such programs, many customers feel encouraged and motivated to do more shopping which increases your sales and profits in the long run. Consider providing your clients with Customer Loyalty Cards which will be used to give them redeemable points every time they go shopping at your location(s).

Ready to start on the gift card program? Compucard Inc has all you need. We specialize in all gift card programs. From loyalty cards, gift cards, fundraising cards or any membership card. Compucard Inc will always offer you a solution for your need. Get any Custom Thermal Printed Cards just the way you desire them to be. Let Compucard Inc be part of your long term solution that will help enhance your marketing strategy and catapult your business to the next level. We also sell plastic cards accessories such as identity card holders, custom lanyards, and badge holders.

Compucard specializes in:

  • Tailor-made membership cards for businesses
  • Tailor-made loyalty cards, (design and printing)
  • Customized plastic gift cards
  • Plastic membership cards
  • Customer loyalty cards
  • Custom Thermal Printed Cards


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