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Your Custom Id Badge Lanyard is a pivotal part of every worker, student, or assocaite, be it in schools, industries, factories, offices, or government agencies.

These lanyards are not only available in standard but also in a break away, making those an exceptionable chose for workers around machinery or other such dangerous areas. As well as a Custom Printed School Lanyard for students under certain circumstances. It not always about identification, but also safety.

Custom Personalized Lanyards are worn around the neck to display important personal information that allows each person to carry out their business and daily duties effortlessly.

Often, when a student misplaces their Custom Printed School Lanyard or find that they many have accidentally left it at home, are prevented from accessing some areas of their school. Or workers who need their card to scan for entrance to places within their workplace, have need for a Custom Id Badge Lanyard so their card is readily available to them at all times.

It is for this reason that it is quite understandable that the importance of the Custom Id Badge Lanyard be highlighted. A dye sub or breakaway screen printed neck lanyard is just what you are looking for if you have been searching for the very best of the best in lanyards. Our Custom Personalized Lanyards are manufactured with only the best materials. This lanyard is not only durable but also fills the needs of those who wear them.

There is an assortment of attachments that you can select from to suit your needs and functionality. Such attachments include swivel hooks such as N.P.S. or Black Oxide, bulldog clips, split rings, O-rings, or plastic hooks (in all select from 25).

You can choose to have images and text printed on the lustrous finish of the lanyards that will not rub off or fade during usage.

See your finished Custom Personalized Lanyards on screen here. Click on link below.

To try out our new program, click here: Design a Lanyard Estimator

This new program allows you to “build” your lanyard and see it on your monitor screen. See each change (and pricing of that change if any), right on your computer as you follow the easy steps. There are many different Attachments other than those shown above, as you’ll be shown the entire possibilities. Choose the width of the lanyard, the color, the copy (front and/or back), and even production times, which you can select from. When you’re finished, you can view the front and back of the finished lanyard. It’s amazing at what this program can do!


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