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Instead of comparing pricing on-line against others, there are ways to greatly reduce your overall costs. If you would call us at 800 203-4255, we would be happy to tell you how. In some cases, you can reduce your cost per card by 50% or more. Want to know how? Give us a call.


If you own a business or company and still haven’t tried the gift card business model, you must give it a try! You’re missing a lot of profit by not using Custom Made Gift Cards or Custom Key Tags.

The best way to keep your customer close and constantly having them return to your shop is most definitely done with a Custom Made Gift Cards. We can help you create your own Custom Gift Cards! Don’t hesitate to use them as a gift for your customers making it easy for them to recognize a real customer-oriented company. You can use our Custom Gift Cards in any way you please. They have been used successfully by so many companies that it’s a shame not to set up a program of your own! From Gyms that make each member carry an Identity card holder, to retailers, simply doing the right marketing thing, by using one of your own Custom Made Gift Card.

It is your responsibility to make your company BIG and make it visible everywhere you wish. Let customers reach in to their pockets, only to find your company’s logo and motto right at their fingertips. Let their wallets be a reminder that they should visit your store. Make it even easier for them to shop at your store with one of Compucard’s Custom Made Gift Cards.

Moreover, you can use Custom Key Tags to celebrate a new friendship, or simply to express gratitude towards your faithful customers . Tell them how you feel about them, show them that you care and that you are thankful that they spend their hard-earned money at your store! Make sure that your customer’s are aware that you are grateful for their loyalty to you and your company.


To order Custom Gift Cards, Loyalty, Membership and Custom Key Tags click here: Digital Printed Cards – Or in larger quantities click here: Litho Printed Cards


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