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Custom Domed Stickers – Custom Domed Decals

There are various ways of accentuating the design of your image, particularly for Retractable Badge Reels by using labels, decals, and stickers. Bleeds, for instance, allows you to trim down your image according to your specifications.

Other methods are gradient fill application and shading. The former allows you to create three-dimensional appearances by mixing two or more colors. The latter is used to display varying darkness levels. Custom Domed Badges are carefully designed to ensure that they are both appealing to the eye and are of good quality, which also results in durability. The material used should be good enough to protect labels against wear and tear, heat, and water.

Plastic Badge Holders should be clear to make it easier for your customers to read through. With the market currently experiencing a myriad of print materials, you want to go for one that offers more advantages when it comes to cost friendliness, durability, and good quality. Mylar is a brand that is popularly used to produce heat-resistant sheets and plastic films. Using it to make custom badge reels for sale, guarantees quality.

These Custom Domed Badges are printed using the four-color print procedure which highlights your organization’s image and, or message. Integrate your organization’s logo, design, symbol, or artificial typography with these Custom Domed Badges. They come with a clear domed surface that sits on a good quality polyester film, with an elevated tack pressure.

There are various sizes to choose from depending on your preference. You can use them to market your organization, promote your brand and/or increase sales. The main goal of using marketing materials is to ensure a consistent flow of customers and boost sales. We guarantee you that these Custom Domed Stickers will appeal to your existing customers and grab the attention of potential clients.


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