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Clear Epoxy Domes, Clear Epoxy Dome Stickers

It is the time that you take serious measures when it comes to your company and all the assets you have in order to make it better and more popular. You deserve to be put right there on the market and you know what’s the best for those purposes. Do the right marketing move and success is guaranteed! Having your logo printed on lanyards and badge holders might not be enough!

What are you planning to put on your badge reels? We have an idea, see if you like it – Domed Custom 3D Decals for your badge reels! 

What we offer is a MUST when it comes to your company and its future! You do want your motto, logo, and message to appear everywhere! Let your employees remember who is thinking about them all the time and remind them what your company is all about! 

You can make your logo printed on lanyards and badge holders, but we can even offer Custom 3D Decals for the badge reels.  The decal will look like a dewdrop to give you the 3D effect you want! The material used for these 3D decals is very enduring and weather resistant. You don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions or expecting it to crack or anything. They are really long-lasting and have adhesive on the back which will make your 3D decal stay fixed where it is supposed to be. Moreover, we offer digital full-color printing which will make the surface stand out in the crowd as your badge reels, lanyards and badge holders will have the wanted appearance. Do not hesitate to place your order! 

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  • Clear Epoxy Domes

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