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PVC Graphic Quality – PVC Colored Cards

The Blank Hi-Co Color Plastic Cards are perfect for security id cards, coffee shop cards, photo id cards, school id cards, and membership cards. Many organizations are constantly looking for new ways to use identification badges which are of high quality.

Our blank PVC Colored Cards are ideal for use by those interested in forming a reward program. For those who have reached certain target points and loyal customers, you can opt to buy them gold Color Plastic Cards.

Other PVC Colored Cards available include silver and bronze. These can be used to reward clients who are at lower reward levels.

If you require more security at your business, buy PVC Colored Cards Cards from us which are Hi Co, also known as high coercivity. You can use the Hi Co cards for library cards, employee identification cards and credit or debit cards. Hi Co, has more durability than Lo Co and it is ideal for frequent use.  Items which contain the Hi Co magnetic strip are more secure as they have less chances of losing data compared to Lo Co.


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  • PVC Colored Cards
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