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ID Plastic Clips For Name Badge And Employee Identification Badges


Clips For Badge Holders are a one time secure solution for keeping your identification badge holders or name badges securely tied to your person

Our Badge Clips can also be used if you require a clip to securely attach your data carrier to a lanyard. These Badge Clips are durable and great for keeping ID cards visible and safe. Perfect for government, military and corporate use.

Badge Clips made of plastic are perfect for employee identification in hospitals. They also have uses in the corporate, military and government sectors. Those clips contain no metal as they are made from poly vinyl which helps in preventing the loss of badges while also allowing hands free use. These Clips For Badge Holders can be attached to custom lanyards and badge holders or can be used alone when attached to badge holders. The clips have a poly strap which snaps closed and can hold a pre-punched badge or a badge holder.

The plastic Clips For Badge Holders are either clear or colored and made of vinyl plastic. These clips come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. They are also durable and long lasting. The different types of plastic clips aside from clear and colored vinyl ones are the all plastic Delrin clips, Mylar clips, Earth friendly clips, and the Gripper 30. All the clips can be easily attached to ID badge card holders. You can even choose to buy a designer lanyard and badge holders to be attached to the plastic clips.

The plastic Delrin Clips come in six vivid colors and do not contain metal. These work best for hospitals or other corporations wanting to identify the different departments, divisions or stations by simply matching the color logos or color schemes. All plastic clips are thus a perfect solution for securing your identity badge or Id badge card holder.

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