Breakaway Printed Silkscreen Lanyards

Break Away Silkscreen Lanyards for increased safety plus the added value for promotional gatherings, which can increase sales and promote good will.

When it comes to lanyards and badge holders, you are always at the right place by choosing us as your distributors. It does not matter if you are a company owner, employer or employee, you will find the best Breakaway Printed Silkscreen Lanyards with Compucard.

Anything you want can be printed on our Breakaway Printed Silkscreen Lanyards in no time. And that is not all! You have the breakaway feature that increases the safety for you and your employees! So, not only are these Printed Break Away Silkscreen Lanyards affordable, but they are also secure so that information of the employees can never reach the wrong hands.

We offer designer lanyards and badge holders, and all you have to do is call and order! Just select the attachment you require on our Break Away Silkscreen Lanyards Page and give us a call! Leave the rest to us!

Breakaway Printed Silkscreen Lanyards are a less expensive way to go for having your corporate logo or message shown on your lanyards. With an extra push for safety with the breakaway feature, now you have your printing and safety in one.

Click here to try out our fantastic new program: Design a Lanyard Estimator

This new program allows you to “build” your Break Away Silkscreen Lanyards and see it on your monitor screen. See each change (and pricing of that change if any), right on your computer as you follow the easy steps. There are many different Attachments other than those shown above, as you’ll be shown the entire possibilities. Choose the width of the lanyard, the color, the copy (front and/or back), and even see the production time, which you can select. When you’re finished, you can even view the front and back of the lanyard. You’ll be amazed at this program does!


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