Black Lanyard

Printed Black Lanyards – Black Break Away Lanyards

There are many varieties of Black Lanyards available on the market. Hardly any other lanyard could beat Compucard’s design in this industry. One of our specialty lanyards is our Black Lanyard. Some were designed with special features like a flat breakaway, with promotional and custom printing. Our Neck Lanyards are available in many colors such as blue, red, white, yellow, green, black, teal, orange etc.

Don’t See the Attachment You Want, Give Us a Call. We Have the One You Need as we have 25 different selections.

Upgrade your security fashionably by using our Printed Black Lanyards. Flat employee ID lanyards and badge holders are extremely mainstream. You can personalize our neck lanyards by having special designs such as your companies logo, slogan, motto or message, colors and style relating to your company profile.

Losing an ID card could be a hassle in many cases and this could be avoided by having our personalized lanyards. Having an identity proof is very important to every organization and our special Black Lanyard surely could help to overcome security issues. Wearing Black Break Away Lanyards are a perfect way of showcasing employee badges and protection from the risk of losing or misplacing it.

Having the Printed Black Lanyards personalized also can be useful for special events that require custom printed lanyards for the guests. It could increase the security within the community as well as being stylish and keeping the company identity at the same time. Our non-printed Black Lanyard is available on our website and ready to be ordered on-line 24/7 daily all year round.

With our Printed Black Lanyards and Black Break Away Lanyards, you can appreciate the expanded security while promoting your company’s brand to the public. Our inexpensive lanyards and badge holders are great values for any organization.


Here is the short list of our lanyards:

  • Black Non-Break Away Neck Lanyards
  • Blue Non-Break Away Neck Lanyards
  • Green Non-Breakaway Neck Lanyards
  • Navy Blue Non-Break Away Neck Lanyards
  • Non-Break Away Neck Lanyards
  • Green Lanyard
  • Round Cord Breakaway Neck Lanyard
  • Royal Blue Non-Break Away Neck Lanyard
  • Standard Non-Breakaway Neck Lanyards
  • Round Breakaway Lanyard

To See our entire selection of Lanyards, go to: Neck Lanyards


If you want to print your flat lanyards, check out our newest addition!

Try this new program by clicking here: Design a Lanyard Estimator

This new program allows you to “build” your lanyard and see it on your screen. See each change (and pricing of that change if any), right on your screen as you follow the easy steps. There are many different Attachments other than those shown above, as you’ll be shown the entire 25 possibilities. Choose the width of the lanyard, the color, the copy (front and/or back), and see the production time, which you can select. When you’re finished, you can view both the front and back of the Black Break Away Lanyards. You’ll be amazed at what this program can do!


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