Art Specifications for Full Color Printing

When the need arises for printing on an identification badge or identity card holder and lanyard and card holder, the need for a specification to deliver the perfect job are most important. Here are art specifications for full color printing including identification badges.

We prefer either PDF or EPS formats. Image compression is not accepted. Please, make sure to convert fonts to outlines and raster images to 300 ppi or CMYK at actual size. Gray-scale images should not be less than 600 ppi; black and white 1-bit images should not be less than 1200 ppi to retain clarity.

We accept AI, Illustrator, and Photoshop. On PSD, we accept TIF, JPG or BPM. We don’t recommend providing files in either PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.

Either STIFF or ZIP compression may be used to cut down the final size of the design. In the event that PMS colors are to be printed as distinct spot colors, please, make sure that objects are rightly filled with the appropriate color required and in the right order expected.

Extended spots that are filled black like the backgrounds on any CMYK tasks must be filled with Rich Black, that is, (50 c, 40 M, 40 Y, 100 K) to create a deeper, richer black.

The minimum requirement for bleed is 0.125 for all images that spread beyond the cut-line. Every live element including logos and types must be kept not less than 0.063 from the cut edge to ensure easy movement during production.

Every artistic design should be positioned to cover the final page with spaces made available for slot or hole punching, bleed, barcodes, magnetic stripes and others. Indicated Templates will be provided on request. Cut lines, crop marks, among others can be used but should be maintained outside of the maximum bleed area or should be positioned on a separate layer to enable removal before production.

Every design provided for foil stamping should only be 1 bit black and white- there shouldn’t be any gray-scale tints or color. When making a design, please know that fine details can drop out or fill in during the foil stamping procedure. Discrete, type and solid lines are always suggested.

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