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Color Metal Tag

Color Metal Tags come in a host of colors, sizes and thicknesses

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Black, Light Blue Color Metal Tags in Rectangular, Round, Oval or Strip and Cable, in .016, .020 and .032 Thickness.

See us for a Color Metal Tag that attaches directly to valves, knobs or controls for critical identification and safety within your organization.  Our products are available with 1 hole, 2 holes, or no holes, to meet the requirements of your application. These tags are ideal for stamping, engraving, and are specially flatten for use in Embossing Machines.

Color Aluminum Tags are a quick, easy way of color coding for identifying equipment, machineries, pipes, lockers, utility poles, electric wires, inventory, plumbing, survey marking, tools and valves at a glance to fit every identification need. This is now made possible by using our rugged Color Metal Equipment Tags. 

A Colored Metal Tag for Equipment can be used in various industries to color code product name plates and identification tags for part marking and traceability.

Our Colored Metal Tags feature smooth edges, radius corners and industry standard pre-punched holes for easy application. They are highly suitable for rugged use and can withstand even the harshest conditions. For inventory, shipping, and asset identification, nothing beats the durability of a Color Metal Identification Tag.

Click on the link next to the type of metal tag wanted. On that page select the size of metal tag you need. This takes you to the page to select the type and thickness of the Metal tag which places your selection in the shopping cart.

Metal Tags shown are not to size.

Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tag

These Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tags come in 14 different stock sizes in three thicknesses with a variety of hole configuration to ensure we have the correct tag for your needs.

Select the Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tag size and shape you want from the selection shown on the next page. Then on the following page you will see a chart showing the both the thickness you need along with the hole placement and you will be able to order on-line using our shopping cart and should have no trouble at all.

Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tag - Select Style and Order Here


Colored Oval Metal Military Dog tag Style

These brightly Colored Oval Metal Military Dog tag Style shapes are the same size as a Military Dog Tag, but without the rolled edges making it a perfect shape for various types of marking and Identification.

These Oval Colored Metal Tags come in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Black, and Light Blue Colors. And are available in .016, .020 and .032 Thickness.

Colored Oval Metal Military Dog Tag Style - Select Style and Order Here

Round Color Metal Tag

Need a Round Color Metal Tag with a .016, .020 and .032 Thickness? Then choose from a color selection of ether Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Black, or Light Blue.

You have three sizes to choose from; 2.12, 1.50 or a One Inch tag. These Round Color Metal Tags are used in a variety of industrial uses and are very popular.

Round Color Metal Tags - Select Style and Order Here

Color Strip and Cable Metal Tag

This Color Strip and Cable Metal Tag comes in a variety of dimensions that are manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. These Strip and Cable Metal Tags are available in as single tags or as scored breakaway tags, some in 2 up, 3 up or 4 up configurations.

Available in a variety of colors, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Black, or Light Blue.

 Color Strip and Cable Metal Tag - Select Style and Order Here

Color Octagonal Metal Tag

These Color Octagonal Metal Tags are used in product identification for many industrial uses and are especially flattened for use in Metal Embossing Machines.

Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Black, or Light Blue, and in .016, .020 and .032 Thickness. These can be ordered on-line.

Color Octagonal Metal Tags - Select Style and Order Here

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Metal Tag Embossing pricing

Charges apply if size of plate, hole size or configuration has not previously been done. Call us if you don't see what you want on the enclosed descriptions and pricing.

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