5/8″ & 3/8″ Wide Custom Lanyards


You can conveniently customize 5/8″ & 3/8″ Wide Custom Lanyards with your choice of silkscreen or Dye sub printing. The customization offer different options with attachments (especially with Dye Sublimation printing), such as key rings, swivel hooks, plastic swivel, bulldog clip, bottle holders, badge holders, pen holders, Chap Stick holders, d ring options, cell phone holders, breakaway options and many more. With the loads of options for attachments to choose from, you can add the uniqueness you desire to your Custom Lanyards.

We also offer 3/4” and 1” Custom Lanyards (with Dye Sublimation only), making it even easier to see in a crowd at an event, at work, at a conference, or anywhere you wear an ID badge, event pass, name tag, or other credentials. End result, it’s about giving your organization’s message or the company’s logo better visibility. Plus, the wider the 5/8″ & 3/8″ Wide Custom Lanyards are, the easier to see a logo, mission statement, website address, or phone number.

When you intend to buy Custom Lanyards for your organization, the two common sizes at the top can meet the desired need you hope to achieve. However, you can go for the larger custom lanyards of 3/4″ and 1″ with the added end attachments made to promote your business or organization.


Choices with Custom Lanyards:

  • 3/8″ Wide Printed Lanyard
  • 3/8″ Custom Lanyard
  • 3/8″ Wide Custom Lanyard
  • 5/8″ Wide Printed Lanyard
  • 5/8″ Custom Lanyard
  • 5/8″ Wide Custom Lanyard
  • 3/4″ Wide Printed Lanyard
  • 3/4″ Custom Lanyard
  • 3/4″ Wide Custom Lanyard
  • 1″ Wide Printed Lanyard
  • 1″ Custom Lanyard
  • 1″ Wide Custom Lanyard


To try out our new program, click here: Design a Lanyard Estimator

This new program allows you to “build” your lanyard and see it on your monitor screen. See each change (and pricing of that change if any), right on your computer as you follow the easy steps. There are many different Attachments other than those shown above, as you’ll be shown the entire possibilities. Choose the width of the lanyard, the color, the copy (front and/or back), and even see the production time, which you can select. When you’re finished, you can even view the front and back of the lanyard. You’ll be amazed at what this program can do!


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