1″ Wide Custom Lanyards

1″ Custom Lanyards – 3/4″ Custom Lanyards

What is the advantage of wearing these 1″ Wide Custom Lanyards?

With printed 1″ Wide Custom Lanyards and the 3/4″ custom lanyards. You can have your choice of dye sub or silkscreened printing. The dye sub has unlimited colors and is perfect for detailed or complex designs. With silkscreened you have a choice of one or two colors.

The answer is simple. The 1″ Wide Custom Lanyards make it easier to identify personnel in a crowd such as at an event or conference and the message on those lanyards are much easier to see due to their size. These 1″ Custom Lanyards can also be used at work or at any place you need to wear your wide custom lanyards and badge holders.

We offer our dye sub printing in unlimited colors for your 1″ Custom Lanyards or 3/4″ Custom Lanyards. However, when it comes to the silkscreened printing, you only have a choice for either one or two colors. The colors on our lanyards will neither smudge nor rub off. If you decide to stick with dye sub for the custom printed lanyards for sale, you should know that the image is dyed directly into the lanyard’s fabric making the color permanent.

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If you’re wondering where you can buy lanyards, then wonder no more. Simply go to our Printed or Custom Neck Lanyards site for not only the selection of various plain printed lanyards with silkscreened printing but also end attachments for your lanyards and the various pricing plans available.

And here is a very neat program you need to try out. It will allow you to build your 1″ Wide Lanyards (plus 3/4″, 5/8″, and 3/8″ wide as well), and you can select everything as you go through the easy to follow instructions. You can see whatever you select on-line perfectly and it shows you the price as you put it together.

Try it out at Design-a-lanyard-estimator as there is no cost or obligation. You’re sure to be impressed!


To order Dye Sub Printed Lanyards go to: Dye Sub Printed Neck Lanyards

To order Silkscreen Printed Lanyards go to: Custom Printed Lanyards



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