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Color Wrist Coil – Flexible Coil Wrist Bands

Compucard is an industry leader in the manufacturing of employee identification related products including the 2140-63xx Color Wrist Coil.

Our products meet a broad range of employee and business needs. The 2140-63xx Color Wrist Bands are manufactured from the best quality materials. These Wrist Coils are manufactured with a separate ring attachment that is 7/8” of an inch in diameter. Choose from four colors: Black, Blue, Red and Green.

What are the features of 2140-63xx Flexible Coil Wrist Bands?

Durability: Due to the super quality material used in making 2140-63xx Color Wrist bands, the product will endure even in toughest environments.

Effectiveness: This product will serve the purpose for which it is made. This high-quality Color Wrist Coil is certainly the best value for money you will find.

Compucard, which was founded in 1999, prides itself in the production and delivery of highly effective and quality products. Including all Employee ID Supplies such as many custom manufacturing of products and hard to find items such as the 2140-63xx Flexible Coil Wrist Bands.

Gym members also use these Wrist Coils as it is almost guaranteed that you can’t lose your card or key when they are closely attached to the wrist. Simply make sure that your keys are safe with these Flexible Coil Wrist Bands.

The O-ring Color Wrist Bands are a great, friendly and convenient way for many outdoor hosted events, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, and a host of associations for carrying keys or passes.


Click pricing and info. button for choice of colors and purchasing, sold in bags of 250pcs.

Plastic Wrist Coils, 2140-61xx Series – Solid Color Wrist Coil With a 2-3/4″ Clear Vinyl Strap Clip.

Quantity 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
Price $0.58 $0.54 $0.50 $0.46

Pricing and Info.

Colors Available: Black or White – Minimum 2,000 each

Plastic Wrist Coil, 2140-62xx Series – Solid Colored Wrist Coil With a Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring and a Clear Vinyl Strap Clip.

Sold in Bag Quantities Of 250s.

Quantity 1 2-3 4-9 10-24 25-49 50-74
Price $0.80 $0.71 $0.57 $0.52 $0.57 $0.43

Pricing and Info.

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Plastic Wrist Coil, 2140 63xx Series – Solid Colored Wrist Coil With a Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring.

Sold in Bag Quantities Of 250s.

Quantity 1 2 3 4-9 10-19 20+
Price $0.71 $0.67 $0.63 $0.56 $0.49 $0.46

Pricing and Info.

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Some Colors Not Shown Above are Available in 10,000 Lots – See in Pricing and Info Boxes above.

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Our Product Selects Include:

  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Black
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Green
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Blue
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Red
  • Flexible Coil Wristbands
  • Wrist Coil with Oring
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Plastic with Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band with Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Flex Wrist Coil band
  • Wrist Coil with Straps
  • Colored Wrist Bands

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