Wrist Coils – Flexible Coil Wristbands

Black, Blue, Red, Green, Clear or Yellow

Comes with your choice of a Solid Color Wrist Coil with O-ring, Clear Vinyl Strap Clip, or Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring with a Clear Vinyl Strap Clip, each in a variety of vibrant colors to choose from.

The Wrist Coil Flexible Band can be used for a diverse range of applications and offers the user convenience and comfort for all attachments. It is an alternative to a lanyard and most commonly serves the purpose of holding keys, badges, and cards for identification purposes. These Flexible Coil Wrist Bands are designed in many colors and can be ordered in large quantities for almost any business or organization.

The Wrist Coil with Oring (with or without a Clear Vinyl Strap), is considered a convenient and friendly substitute for the carrying of different lightweight accessories without being weighed down by neck chains or lanyards. It is a practical and cost effective solution for companies requiring employee identification and having to swipe cards through scanners and modern readers. This is made easier due to the stretch in its manufacture that will allow you to easily scan items without a great deal of trouble.

Not only are the Wrist Coils used for business identification and authorization, but also for training purposes in gym settings. Clients may access tracking devices that are attached to the wrists for convenience and ease of use. They offer a durable design with the result that smaller items can be secured without fear of it falling off and becoming lost.

Click pricing and info. button for choice of colors and purchasing, sold in bags of 250pcs.

Plastic Wrist Coils , 2140-61xx Series – Solid Color Wrist Coil With a 2 3/4″ Clear Vinyl Strap Clip.

Quantity 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
Price $.58 $.54 $.50 $.46

Pricing and Info.

Colors Available: Black or White – Minimum 2,000 each

Plastic Wrist Coil, 2140-62xx Series – Solid Colored Wrist Coil With a Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring and a Clear Vinyl Strap Clip.

Sold in Bag Quantities Of 250s.

Quantity 1 2-3 4-9 10-24 25-49 50
Price $.80 $.71 $.57 $.52 $.57 $.43 $.42

Pricing and Info.

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Plastic Wrist Coil, 2140 63xx Series – Solid Colored Wrist Coil With a Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring.

Sold in Bag Quantities Of 250s.

Quantity 1 2 3 4-9 10-19 20+
Price $.71 $.67 $.63 $.56 $.49 $.46

Pricing and Info.

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Some Colors Not Shown Above are Available in 10,000 Lots – See in Pricing and Info Box

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Our Product Selects Include:

  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Black
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Green
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Blue
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band Red
  • Flexible Coil Wristbands
  • Wrist Coil with Oring
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Plastic with Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Wrist Coil Flexible Band with Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Flex Wrist Coil band
  • Wrist Coils with Straps
  • Wrist Coils

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